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Our team will accompany you in the process of choosing the perfect home or putting it up for sale. To make good decisions it is very important to always have all the necessary information. That is, all the technical and legal aspects so that the sale or acquisition of a house is as easy and understandable as possible, so that the client can focus on the following process: turning the house into a home.
Buy and sell Buy and sell
We take care of the integral maintenance of your property: electricity, plumbing, painting, gardening, swimming pool, air conditioning, cleaning, satellite, telephone and even purchases, hiring private cooks or catering services and laundry services. Our team will ensure that your property is always in perfect condition, whether you live in it or only use it for a few months a year.
Maintenance Maintenance
Our specialists will help you conceive and shape your renovation ideas or simply start a home from scratch. We accompany you in this creative process, with all that this entails, so that the project becomes a reality. In addition, we will also offer you an advisory service to find the right materials for each corner.
Projects Projects
Converting any house into your home goes through a decoration process to which we pay special attention. We take great care in the details to achieve a result that is a reflection of the personality of its owners. We will look for the furniture that suits your home, as well as the ideal professionals to advise you in this process.
Decor Decor
The purchase and sale of a home always entails a management that can be infinite for those who do not master it. At LYN Balearic, all the projects we carry out include the management of all permits and licenses. In addition, we also take care of all the administrative procedures to register the various services (electricity, water, telephone, satellite, etc).
Licenses Licenses
Innovation Innovation