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Our team has qualified technicians to direct and control the development of the work in accordance with the project to be executed. As well as agents that coordinate the application of the general principles of prevention and safety in the work.
Construction management & health and safety coordination Construction management & health and safety coordination
The Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE) is the inspection that every building with a certain age must undergo in order to assess whether it meets all the safety requirements. The Building Assessment Report (IEE) is the document that guarantees the good state of conservation of a building, compliance with the regulations in relation to universal accessibility and its energy efficiency.
Our specialists will help you conceive and shape your renovation ideas or simply start a home from scratch. We accompany you in this creative process, with all that this entails, so that the project becomes a reality. In addition, we will also offer you an advisory service to find the right materials for each corner.
Projects Projects
The energy efficiency certificate analyzes and evaluates all those elements that condition the energy consumption of a home or building. Thanks to them, it is possible to know what they consume and the CO2 emissions they emit into the atmosphere. It allows owners to promote better energy use and find ways to save that help the planet and promote sustainability. A technical report is an analysis of the problem that helps to improve, solve or solve it.
Technical Reports and Energy Certificates Technical Reports and Energy Certificates
The purchase and sale of a home always entails a management that can be infinite for those who do not master it. At LYN Balearic, all the projects we carry out include the management of all permits and licenses. In addition, we also take care of all the administrative procedures to register the various services (electricity, water, telephone, satellite, etc).
Licenses Licenses
We offer our customers the best and latest technological applications for the home. Sustainable homes with environmentally friendly solutions. We also use virtual reality when developing customer ideas. This way they can see the result before starting with the work or reform.
Innovation Innovation